What is wire processing?

Wire Processing can be a highly complex and often labour intensive process usually used in the manufacturing of a wiring loom/harness.


Often the process consists of far more than just cutting, stripping and crimping a wire. At Airbout we are experts through experience in other fields such as ultrasonic welding, braiding, heat shrinking, wire marking and assembly.

With the Australian & New Zealand market’s having a small and niche manufacturing sector, at Airbout we have carefully crafted together an assortment of suppliers which compliment the Australian & New Zealand market’s as often more than one machine will be needed In the manufacturing process.


Airbout plans to be your partner for which ever project you are working on. Initially from first point of contact, an Airbout representative will try and understand your needs and requirements to try recommend the best manufacturing methods for your company.

What We Do


Identify customer requirements

From the first point of contact we will try and understand your needs and most likely request samples which we will process for you and provide you with a free wire sample form suggesting which machines would be best suited.


Machine selection, installation and training

From the point of purchase, we will keep you updated with installation times and what will be required on site before the machine arrives. All our staff are factory trained to install the machines which we offer and will provide in-depth training upon installation.


Ongoing maintenance & support

Ongoing maintenance & support – At Airbout we believe that this is the most important part of the process as we pride ourselves in being able to back up what we are offering and help our customers utilise their machines to the maximum potential.


In most cases, Airbout is selling automation machinery which will help local manufacturing companies keep up with challenges which they may face from overseas. We are here to help the customer work on their ROI to keep the company up to date with the latest machinery and software.

Guaranteed improved efficiency

Reduce labour costs

Material cost reduction

Increased throughput

Improved quality

Better consistency


Through 25 years’ experience in the field of wire processing, we have been able to curate only the most reliable and efficient suppliers to make sure we can provide our customers with the best quality machines, back up and lead times.