Spectrum Technologies SIENNA 200 series

The SIENNA 200 series are entry-level laser wire stripping systems, available in both single and dual axis stripping configurations and suitable for most industrial applications requiring stripping of fine gauge wire and cable.

They are particularly suitable for stripping very fine gauge micro coaxial wires and ribbon cables used in the high volume production of computer inter-connect, mobile phone and other electronics applications.

The machines are compact bench-top units designed for flexible manufacturing applications. They provide the high quality and repeatable insulation stripping of a wide variety of wire types, sizes and configurations.

The SIENNA 200 series comprises 4 models:

  • SIENNA 210S – single axis, 10 Watt laser
  • SIENNA 210D – dual axis, 10 Watt laser
  • SIENNA 225FB – fixed beam, 25 Watt laser (Class 4 system)
  • SIENNA 220SRFB – fixed beam scriber, 20 Watt laser (Class 4 system)

Process rates vary accordingly, offering flexibility for differing production requirements.

The SIENNA 210S is a single axis system with a scan area (stripping area) of 100 mm (4 inches), suitable for end stripping a wide variety of wire and cable types. Both ribbon cables and single-core wires can be stripped; single-core wires may be grouped and stripped simultaneously in batches within the scan area to maximise productivity.

Single-axis system can only perform crosscuts for stripping cable ends.

The SIENNA 210D is a dual axis CO2 laser system that provides a higher level of functionality – moving the laser beam in two directions, thus giving two axes of movement. this additional capability allows the machine to perform a cross-cut and slit operation to aid slug removal and window strips to form terminations in the centre of the wire or cable. The standard scan area is 100mm x 100mm (4 inch x 4 inch).

The SIENNA 210D also has the flexibility to adapt to a variety of wire and cable sizes and shapes with the added ability to strip both common and complex wire insulators.

Both systems are easily programmed via the front panel keypads; however a computer software interface is also provided which allows for programming via a PC, thus enabling a large number of wire file programs to be created and stored.

Strips various wire configurations such as:

  • Single wire
  • Twin lead
  • Twisted pairs
  • Coaxial
  • Ribbon cables
  • Multiple wires or cables simultaneously

Dual axis systems are capable of performing cross cuts and slits allowing window strips and patterns programmed via the PC software.

In the SIENNA 225 FB, the laser head is fixed in one place which means this version is usually set up with a moving external stage allowing the cables and/or assemblies to be moved around freely beneath the laser beam. This offers more processing flexibility and potentially greater yields.

This version does not come with a PC; programming is carried out using the keypad on the machine.
Please note that this system is sold as a Class 4 laser system and safety precautions apply.

A fixed beam laser system for cutting shields on micro- and pico-coaxial cables. Please see separate page on SIENNA Scribers.

Please note that this system is sold as a Class 4 laser system and safety precautions apply.

To comply with health and safety requirements, air exhaust must be provided when using any laser wire stripper. If this is not available in your factory, Spectrum’s ACS-5 systems remove all smoke, odours, particles and fumes from the laser stripping area and return clean air to the room

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