Schleuniger’s PullTester 28 is a dual-range, motorized, bench-top unit designed to measure pull test forces of crimp and ultrasonic weld connections on a wider range of wires than single-range pull test devices. Pull test values are critical parameters for quality control and assurance. The PullTester 28 can also perform non-destructive tests (hold to a specified force). This versatile machine has two versions with two measuring ranges each, which are individually calibrated enabling use for small or large cables.

  • PullTester 28 (standard): 2,000 / 5,000 N (440 / 1,100 lbf.)
  • PullTester 28-10 (special): 5,000 / 10,000 N (1,100 / 2,200 lbf.)

This dual-range capability ensures the highest accuracy for the widest range of applications. Hand actuated or pneumatic pull test devices can give inconsistent data depending on the operator or pull rate. Some standards specify that a test device must pull with a consistent rate. The Schleuniger PullTester 28 is equipped with a speed-controlled motor, ensuring consistent pull rates throughout the measuring range resulting in repeatable and accurate data. Pull forces can be measured in poundforce, Newtons or kiloponds. The terminal holder can be designed and manufactured based on your application. In addition, a variety of terminal holders are available upon request.