MyModular Case Study

MyModular Case Study

An interview with Mark Fahey, Managing Director of MyModular


Tell us a little bit about the MyModular story and the types of products and services which you provide.

MyModular products are used for purpose-built modular wiring solutions and electrical installs that truly puts the power back in your hands. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to practically every install application across almost any construction category is truly unique and can be attributed to the two key design principles established early in its development. “Make it comprehensive but keep it simple”.

We believe in the modular philosophy and are always searching for how we can make electrical installs faster, simpler, safer and ultimately more profitable for our customers.


What types of challenges did you face which led to you looking for a solution like ours?

The construction industry has changed over the last few years with the acceptance of soft-wired installations. Therefore, made to length leads were needed which previously would have been hard-wired. Initially, the lead variation was limited and over time the need for more custom-made lengths has grown. A solution like Airbout has provided, allowed us to keep up with the newly required demand of a broader product spectrum.


You are doing your wire processing in-house; can you tell me about why you choose to do this and some of the benefits of having better control of your product?

Made to order products with just in time manufacturing which reduces the amount of completed inventory and therefore capital on hand. We have experienced a reduction of raw material and increased overall process control.  


What results have you seen since you’ve implemented your wire processing line?

We were able to decrease our lead times and therefore increase customer satisfaction. The processing line allowed us to update our internal processes in terms of inventory management.


How would you describe your experience dealing with Airbout?

The process with the Airbout team has been very helpful with their knowledge regarding wire processing machines. The team has suggested various types of solutions that may fit best to the intended applications.

Airbout is taking care of the after-sales service and are always willing to solve issues fast and reliable