Spectrum Technologies

The company at the leading edge of laser wire processing technology.


Spectrum Technologies PLC is a global leader in industrial laser technology for applications in advanced manufacturing. It is the designer, developer and manufacturer of CAPRIS® UV laser wire markers, developed originally for the aerospace market, and SIENNATM IR laser wire strippers.

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UV Laser Marking

We offer a range of complementary wire handling products for use with Laser Wire Markers for permanent, safe, non-damaging, UV laser wire marking on extreme non-stick Teflon and other insulation materials. UV laser wire marking technology has been developed to meet the need for safe, non-damaging, permanent identification coding of high performance PTFE/Teflon® and other “non-stick” wire insulation materials,


CAPRIS Laser wire marker

From the highest volume production to lower volume production and maintenance and overhaul, whatever your application, there is a CAPRIS  laser wire marker designed to meet your needs.

Produced originally for the aircraft industry CAPRIS laCAPRIS-50-100-PC-FRONTser wire markers also have application to harness production for space systems, rail cars, military and specialist ground vehicles, yellow goods (construction and earth moving equipment) and other transportation, control systems and electrical products.

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